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(Antigua Observer) The list of individuals in possession of Antigua & Barbuda’s diplomatic passports was finally made public yesterday after Prime Minister Gaston Browne had promised to do so almost five and a half months ago.

Malaka Parker, communications officer of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) expressed her opinion on the importance attached to the publication of the list.

“The issue of diplomatic passports and issuance has been a matter of contention for some time now. The publication of the list is necessary and it is something that I believe we should practice as a norm going forward because we cannot escape our historic legacy,” Parker said yesterday.

She said that this was because of issues in the past with holders of diplomatic passports who had been caught up in international crime and fraud which has resulted in the image of Antigua & Barbuda being smeared.

“So in the government’s push, as they continue to say, to clean up the name of Antigua & Barbuda, they need to bring these things more in light and more to the public. I believe as well the United Progressive Party would have some questions to answer in terms of their handling of the diplomatic passport.

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